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  Question — how much of what you “say” is actually interpreted through body language and tone of voice?提问——与人交流时,有多少信息是通过身体语言和语调表达出来的呢?

  Professor Albert Mehrabian has stated that only 7% of a message is conveyed verbally, through words. The other 93% is split between tone of voice (38%) and body language (55%). And in a job interview, it’s important to take control of your body language as much as possible. After all, even though you may say all the right things, your body can be telling the interviewer a completely different story. 阿尔伯特·梅拉宾教授指出,只有7%的信息是通过语言传达的,而其他93%的信息是通过声音语调(38%)和身体语言(55%)传达的。工作面试时,得体的身体语言非常重要,否则,即便你的语言表达无可挑剔,你的身体语言却已经出卖了你。

  1. Don’t Make a Feeble First Impression不要给人软弱的第一印象

  It’s been said that employers can spot the right candidate within 30 seconds, and that’s all about body language. Be confident, but not arrogant. Walk in with a smile, without fiddling with anything you’re wearing, and give a firm handshake。雇主能在30秒之内确定面试者是否是合适的雇员,身体语言起到了非常重要的作用。要自信,但不要傲慢。走进房间时面带微笑,不要摆弄身上的物件,握手时坚定有力。


  2. Stop Touching Your Face!不要摸脸

  Did you see the movie Contagion

  by Steven Soderbergh? A doctor played by Kate Winslet states that the average person touches their face between 2,000 and 3,000 times every day! Now, while you can’t stop yourself from doing this all the time, you must stop during the interview. We’re all guilty of touching our nose, our lips, and our forehead, but these all imply that we’re either nervous or dishonest。你看过那个电影吗,史蒂芬·索德伯格导演的《病原体》?影片中,凯特·温丝莱特扮演的大夫说,平常人每天都要触摸自己的脸2000-3000次!也许你无法改掉这个习惯,但至少在面试时不要这样做。触摸鼻子,嘴唇和前额,表明你非常紧张或不诚实。


  3. Don’t Do the Leg Wobble不要晃腿

  It can be due to nervous energy, restless leg syndrome, or just bad habit. But whether you do it a little or a lot, do not do it in an interview. The message you’re sending is loud and clear — I’m anxious, and I can’t wait to get out of here。晃腿的原因有很多:情绪紧张,不安腿综合征,或是因为坏习惯。但是,在面试时,不要这样做。这样的身体语言传达的信息非常明确——我焦虑不安,只想尽快逃离这里。


  4. It’s a Cliché Because It’s True: Don’t Cross Your Arms老生常谈:不要环胸抱臂

  You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again — and there’s a good reason. When you cross your arms, you are saying that you are closed off, closed minded, defensive, or just plain bored. It doesn’t matter if you find it the most comfortable way to hold your arms; this is an interview, and it’s not a good idea to practice the most widely known negative piece of body language in front of a potential employer。这是老生常谈了——但还是有必要再强调一次。交叉双臂的身体语言,传达的是这样的信息:封闭防御,或百无聊赖。如果你觉得这样的姿势最为舒服,没有问题;可要知道,这是一场面试,在潜在的雇主面前,表现出这样负面的身体语言,可不是明智的选择。


  5. Don’t Sit Up Too Straight, but Don’t Slouch Either不要正襟危坐,也不能坐没坐相

  Sit up straight, but not so straight it looks like you’re craning your neck to the ceiling. And of course, don’t be so relaxed that you slouch. This looks messy, disrespectful, and lazy。坐直身体,但不要太过僵硬,好像你的脖子被吊在了天花板上。当然,也不能太过放松,坐没坐相,表现的萎靡慵懒,目无尊长。


  6. Props Are for Magicians and Comedians放下手里的道具——你不是魔术师或滑稽演员

  If you’re playing a balancing act with pens, organizers, your cell phone, resumes, and other paraphernalia, you look ill-at-ease, clumsy, and unprepared. And if you start dropping things, you make it even worse。把钢笔、文件、手机、简历或其他物件拿在手里不停摆弄,会让你显得紧张笨拙,毫无准备。如果手中的东西掉落到地上,那就更糟糕了。


  7. Eye Contact Is Good; Staring Is Not眼神交流,但不要盯着对方

  You don’t want to have your eyes wandering the room looking for an exit, but you also don’t want to fix a laser-like stare into the interviewer's soul. If there’s more than one person in the room, make eye contact with each person. And don’t stare at the mouth or forehead. In fact, don’t stare, period. Remember to blink, please!东张西望固然不好,可也不要盯着面试官的眼睛。如果房间里还有其他人,要和每个人进行眼神交流。不要盯着别人的前额或嘴巴。记住,眨眨眼睛!


  8. Watch Those Hands把手放在合适的位置

  Mark Bowden, author of the book Winning Body Language, suggests keeping your hands and arms in the “truth plane。” Ideally, this is an area that fans out 180 degrees from your navel, stopping below the collarbone. Keeping gestures

  within this place keeps your hands away from your face, as noted earlier, and shows that you are calm, centered, and controlled。《成功的身体语言》一书的作者马克·博登建议,把手臂放在“真话区”,即肚脐至锁骨之间的区域。在这一区间做手势,不会碰到脸颊(前文提到的第2点),且会给人沉稳专注的印象。


  9. Don’t Be a Nodding Dog不要总是点头附和

  Nodding in agreement with everything, regardless of the message, makes you look somewhat sycophantic, perhaps even spineless。不管别人说什么都点头附和的行为,显得你溜须拍马、毫无骨气。


  10. Don’t Keep Your Distance or Get in Their Faces与面试官保持合适的距离

  So stay at a comfortable distance from the desk, showing enough of your upper

  body to indicate that you have nothing to hide. If there’s no desk, follow the same rules. Don’t get so close that your breath is in their face, but don’t back off so far that you’re clearly trying to avoid them。如果面前有张桌子,与桌子保持合适的距离,显出足够多的上半身,表示你没有什么可隐瞒的。如果面前没有桌子,也应遵循同样的规则。不要坐的太近,让面试官感受到你的鼻息,也不要坐的太远,好像你不愿与他们交流。

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